Leo Bülow

IF Travel Chatbot

My Role: Photographer


Submission brief:

“How can we aid the Swedish people in their everyday life and make the world a safer place to live in?”

Once a years the the Swedish insurance company IF hosts their own Innovation Awards - Tryggare vardag, aiming to help small start ups with innovated ideas to make it safer for the Swedish population. Ideas from over five hundred Swedish companies gets submitted every year. 2018 we won grand prize for our chat bot called Reseroboten, created to aid Swedish people travelling abroad. 

Our project:

When on traveling foot some information is harder to get a hold of than others. Via a quick google search you can easily find out the top rated restaurants and hotels in your area but do you know the nearest hospital, the number to your local Swedish embassy or what kind of vaccines you should consider to take before you travel, or what kind of insurance that would best fit your needs.

We wanted to make this information easily accessible to everyone 24/7 where ever you are located in the world. Our solutions was to create a chat bot scraping the web for data so you don’t have to look up the information yourself, just ask our robot and you will receive the answer in seconds.

A chatbot was the perfect fit to our idé due to its simple questions-and-answers best function, making it easy to adapt to any chat function in any app, making our free service, easy accessible in any interface and app our users are most comfortable to use - just add us as an friend in face messenger, snapchat, instagram, linkedin etc.

We did not just want this interaction to be quick and easy to understand, but also a fun experience. We spent a lot of time developing how our robot speaks to you, which is something a lot of chat bot service overlook. We wanted our robot to be your traveling companion, always online and ready to help you when in need.

This chatbot is still in development due to the scale of the DATA collection.