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Type: VR game My role: Creative director

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Client Brief:

“How can we educate our retailers and consumers in a creative way to make them aware of our new recyclable capsules?”

Our solution:

In early 2018 we got approached with a brief from Nespresso HQ in Stockholm. They wanted to educate their retailers about Nespressos recyclable capsules. have been wanting to develop a VR experience for some time our local based freelance creative team, containing Alex Shultz as creative producers, Emil Jönsson as lead game designer and me as creative director, sprung to action right away.

Knowing that the game would be displayed in stores and at events so the length of the VR experience couldn’t be longer than 3 minutes per player. The confined physical space was also something we had to acknowledge when we develop the player’s ability to move in the game. Many of our users were also first timers in VR so the game had to be easy to understand and play. With these limitations in mind, we created a competitive game where the player has two minutes to shoot as many used capsules into opening and closing bins. We keep the scores on a leader board and at the end of the day the person who recycled the most capsules won a Nespresso machine.

We put a lot of effort into creating a memorable experience for the player. With a stylised 3D environment, filled with tropical sounds and Latin music, we teleported the users from the boring event hall to a Caribbean island where we educated them about Nespresso’s recyclable capsules via a playful voice over.

The game was a hit and due to the player’s competitive nature a lot of people replayed the VR experience multiple times to beat their own scores. Nespresso’s VR game is now a standard on many Nespresso-events in Sweden.


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