Leo Bülow


Red Bull

Type: Event app My role: Creative director & designer


Client Brief:

“We want to make a unique event app that would be attractive and exciting for our gamers to use during the festival.”

Our solution:

November 2018 was the first year for Red Bull’s EWKND, a festival taking place over three days in central Stockholm with the main focus on Esports and gaming. Together with the producer Alex Shultz and the developer Alexander yngling I created an event app for IOS and Android to maximise the experiences for the visitors. Beyond just show the traditional event calendar the app was also filled with other more exciting features like creating your own schedule, buying tickets, delivering updates and news to the users, that could also view live streams.

But that was not all. We also built a treasure hunt game right in the app. During the festival users got notified via the build in map when new “loot Crates” got dropped around central Stockholm. The first person who finds the crates and scan the QR code with the scanner, also built into the app, would win big prizes like flight tickets and computers. This game was a big hit and multiple famous influencers and streamers streamed the treasure hunt live on twitch and Youtube.


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