The man on the roof

A 2015 Short film Starring Darrio Stangl, written & directed by Leo Bülow and produced by Alex Mill.


Fleeing from his daunting reality, James is hiding in his private office on Christmas eve. He has somewhere to be but something deep down is stopping him. In order to suppress he’s feeling he turns to alcohol for relief. After accidentally locking himself out on the roof of the building, the cold winter night forces him to fight for his own survival and face his inner guilt.

About the short

In the winter of 2015 a tight crew of young aspiring filmmakers from seven different countries got together to shoot our first big short film during three cold winter nights on a rooftop in Canary Wharf. This short was produced as part of our graduation project from Central Film School in London.

I wanted to create an compelling and emotional survival story without any dialogue so that anyone, anywhere could understand the theme and at the same time make it exiting enough to keep the viewers attentions. With the tight budget of 2200£ and only four weeks to write and produce this was set to be a hard task. Without the hard working producer Alex Mill and the other young and amazing crew members this idea would never have seen any light of day. This project gave me the opportunity to work with the method actor Darrio Stangl, that taught me a lot about how to express emotion on screen. It also gave me the chance to work close with the composer Jolijn Geothals to create a costume score.


Grand prize (best directed short) - Snowdance - 2016 Officially selected - Cannes Film Festival Court Métrage - 2016 Officially Selected - BFI Future film festival - 2016 (aired on British television) Officially Selected - Russian International film festival - 2015 Officially selected - Snow Town Film festival - 2015 Officially selected - Meter International film festival -2015 Officially selected - London Indie film festival - 2015.